Graphic Design Services

StripyInk Design was started after twenty five years experience working in the branding, advertising and marketing sectors; working on projects for large corporate clients, through to small and medium sized businesses, to design and photography for charity events. These skills can be utilised to offer you an efficient, flexible and cost effective solution for all your graphic design and visual brand identity, advertising and marketing needs, large and small. Helping your business’ visual identity, and helping to position your brand in an ever more crowded market place.

Many young designers seem to want to work exclusively in the digital medium, designing websites and apps, and of course why wouldn’t they? It’s the bright new future, a fast paced and innovative new world. It’s the bright young thing, a fast paced and innovative environment. Oh, and they all seem to be a DJ as well!

But you don’t often hear anyone say that they just love to design for print. The feel of the grain between thumb and forefinger, the acrid smell of fresh ink, embossed and foil blocked, galley proofs and off-stone times.

It has a language that reaches back to its medieval origins.

However, alive with scandal and revolution, propaganda and dissension, the digital world mirrors the activities of the printed world over the centuries. A child of Gutenberg and Hogarth certainly, but reaching an audience Caxton could only have prayed for.

With a love of printed design, and a passion for digital media, StripyInk Design can help to demonstarate how good design can help to shape the world around us.

Sadly however, we are unable to offer a DJ service.

Some of the services we do offer include:

Visual identity and logo design • Advertising for digital and print
Leaflets and flyers • Brochures • Business cards and stationary
Website design • Exhibition stands • Posters • Signage • Roller banners

Enhanced by a competitively priced photographic service to help enhance and support your branding and marketing material with fresh, bespoke imagery. Please see the relevant sections for examples of graphic design, photography and re-touching work or contact StripyInk Design for more information.